PRODUCT - DewCal® Humidification System (DCHS 1, DCHS 2 and DCHS 3)

Process Gas Humidity significantly determines
surface chemistry, especially required in case of
thermal treatment of high alloyed steels such as
AHSS and Si-Steels. We have endeavored to
develop and design the technological systems
needed to achieve accurate and reproducible
process gas humidification. Proceeding from new
analyses and measuring results we thus decided
to focus our attention on the subject of humidity as
well as the gas change reactions associated with it.
In close cooperation with our engineering partners
specialized in gas technology and system control
we have developed a series of novel humidity generators especially tailored for the use in
SURTEC RESEARCH Process Simulators.

HDP Simulator with DewCal®

The supply process gases are typically very dry (-60°C). The SURTEC RESEARCH DewCal® Gas
Humidification System allows precise humidification of both, Reduction- und Oxidation gas,
controllable up to +30°C (DCHS1) and +70°C (DCHS2) with N2 as a carrier gas, +70°C (DCHS3)
with H2 and/or N2 as carrier gases.

High dew points of atmospheric gases as well as their fast changes during the process are required
for simulations of various thermal treatments of AHSS / UHSS for the (automotive) industry as well as
for reactive annealing of Silicon Steels. Both, the present simulator generations A V-MF (multi-functional)
and A V-RAPS are capable of simulating these complex thermal treatments.

The DewCal® Humidification System consists of a patented Vaporizer–Condenser System.

The Humidification System is controlled by our newly developed, Automatic DP Control System
allowing accurate and in-situ DP determination.

While the process is running and a dew point is set, the Automatic DP Control will feed the needed
gas quantity through the humidification system and mix it with the dry gas to precisely achieve the
desired dew points. The dew point settings and control is done with the System Control HMI.

Comparison between set and measured dew point temperatures at a flow rate of 10 l/min.
Transition of Dew Point from -40°C to +30°C (DCHS1). Measured by „Michell Optidew“
graph). Optidew detects the correct value 36s after the start. The transient oscillation
due to the Optidew measurement principle.

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