SURTEC RESEARCH is totally committed to continuous product development.
Our new development targets are the result of consequent technical marketing and often
in cooperation with our customers such as leading universities, steel producers and R&D institutes.

DewCal® Humidification System
Benefit: Used for advanced thermal treatment and coating of high-alloyed-steels (UHSS).
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Mass Adaptive Heater Control

Benefit: Self-learning (Auto-Tuning) IR-Heater-Control Software

Controlled Cooling
Benefit: Cooling gradients setting, accurate Close-Loop Cooling Control

TIM – Thermal Induced Mass-Spectrometry
(optional module allowing in situ analysis of gas-metal reactions).

N2 - H2 - Gas Humidification
Dew Points of max +70°C achievable
Benefit: enlarged R&D applications, i.e. Si-Steel Annealing

Gradient Controlled Cooling and Super Fast Gas Cooling
Benefit: more than 600 K/s gas cooling possible now (MFPS + RAPS),
Cooling Gradient Setting

Differential Wiping
(2 x 500 l/min, temperature adjustable wiping gas)
Benefit: optimal coating control, thin coatings

Bath Agitation System

further Highlights:
• Process Gas Heating System
• Dual Monitor Display Function
• Continous Data Backup (RAID)

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