PRODUCT - Main Unit

Main Unit, incl.

Driving Mechanism
Process Chambers
Infrared Furnace
Induction Furnace (optional)
Gate Valve
Molten Metal Bath (HDPS + MFPS)
Exhaust system

The Driving Mechanism allows fast and precise
transfer of the Sample to each Process Area
of the Simulator.

Smart Drive for fastest acceleration (> 20m/sē) and
intelligent overload detection (smart crash sensing).

The Sample / Cooling Chamber allows Loading and Unloading of the
Samples. It is the “Home Position” of the Sample and the cooling Area. Excellent cooling homogenity gradient -, time- and flow-controlled -cooling from 0,1 K/s -> max 600 K/s

The Infrared Gold Image Furnace®
available in different versions from 36 kW, 54 kW and 108 kW heats
the sample up to 950°C optionally up to > 1150°C. Heating Ramps
up to 50 K/s can be achieved. The temperature homogenity is typically
+/- 3C !

The Induction Heater (available as an Option)
(Inductotherm, HF transistorized Inverter -
STATITRON type - 50 kW) is an additional
Heater typically used for galvannealing.
The power of the Induction Heater allows
heating ramps up to 150 K/s.

The Gate Valve is pneumatically operated and
separates Upper Chamber (consisting of Sample
& Cooling Chamber and both Heaters) from the
Lower Chamber (with Molten Metal Bath).

Guide Roll System and Wipers (HDPS + MFPS)

The Molten Metal Bath (Graphite Crucible) is
embedded in a steel inlet enclosed by a
Tubular Kanthal Heater housed in a Water
Jacket (HDPS + MFPS).

The Exhaust system collects the used process
gases from the Main Unit's Upper and
Lower Chamber and vents them.

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