The SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators are research equipments, which allow laboratory scale
simulation of annealing and (hot dip) coating processes occurring in production lines. The
simulators serve for process- and product improvement and development; the results obtained
by simulation can be used for the production process in your existing Continuous Annealing (CA)
and Galvanizing / Galvannealing Line (GI/GA).

All important functions of the production process such as cleaning, thermal treatment (heating
up, soaking, cooling), hot dip coating (Zn, Al, Si, Mg, etc.), galvannealing, etc. can be simulated
in a laboratory scale. The consumption of operating materials is extremely small compared with
mini- or production lines and valuable production capacities do not need to be wasted.

The SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators anneal and coat steel samples of desirable higher strength
to determine the optimum process parameters for the production lines. New products with improved
coatings, new coating technologies, modified thermal treatments and process sequences can be
tested at very low cost and in a very short time. All SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators are built in
compliance with the latest ruling safety standards, i.e. CE and ATEX, optionally UL, CSA, etc.

The SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators are split up in 5 functional units:

Main Unit

Upper Chamber with the thermal treatment chambers including the functions

  • Annealing
  • Soaking
  • Cooling, incl. Gas Q&P
  • Inductive Heating

Lower Chamber (HDPS + MFPS only) with

  • Molten Metal Bath(s)
  • Dross Removing System
  • Guide Roll System
  • Gas Wiping

• Gas Mixing Station

Humidification Station

Sample Driving Mechanism

• System control

The process areas of the Main Unit

The Sample is mounted to the Sample Driving Mechanism through
a door in the Upper Chamber.

The Sample Driving Mechanism consists of a Servo Motor with a
Driving Spindle and an accurate Positioning Control, which allows
a system controlled transfer of the sample to the functional areas
such as IR, Induction, Heating, Cooling, Dipping, Wiping

Sample Loading, Unloading / Cooling Chamber
Infrared- and optional Induction Heater
form the Upper Chamber.

Upper and Lower Chamber are separated by a pneumatically
controlled Gate Valve.

The Molten Metal Bath with the Gas Wipers and the
Guide Roll System form the Lower Chamber (HDPS + MFPS).

The Simulators can be installed respecting the given local laboratory requirements.
However a basic layout has to be kept in order to ensure the proper function of the Simulator.
SURTEC RESEARCH consults and adapts the final layout off your given location.

Typical floor plan (example only):

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