PRODUCT - System Control

The process control system mainly consists of a
PLC unit implemented in the Industrial  PC for process
control purposes, several Siemens S7 PLC units for
high-speed control tasks, heating systems, positioning
control, humidification system, etc. and a SIMATIC
RACK Computer for programming, visualization and
documentation of the process.

The control system has the following functions:
• Preparing the simulation by adjusting all
necessary parameters
• Performing the simulation process
• Monitoring the process
• Online visualization
• Displaying and editing the results:
- Visually on the monitor
- Printing of the test protocol
- Archiving files for documentation,
••• repeat of simulation or export via ODBC

The software is a compact package for the planning, processing, controlling, reporting and evaluating
of test series.
An easy-to-use editor enables the test simulation to be programmed by using short command words.
The heart of the visualization is the graphic display and analyzing functions of all measured values.

Operation Touch Panel at Main Unit
Allows easy “at site” display of all process
data and manual Operation Control.

Electric Control

The electrical power interface is the main switch at
the Main Cabinet.

The PC as well as the Servo Motor Converter, the
Power Distribution, the Control of the Gas Mixing
Station and the Control of the Wiping Gas Heaters
are located here.

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