Since the introduction of the Rhesca - later Iwatani Surtec - now SURTEC RESEARCH HDP
Simulator over 30 years ago, steel producers have increasingly advanced the technology of
continuously annealed and coated sheet products to meet the challenges of automotive and
appliance manufacturers. Following a continuous strategy of innovation ensures permanent
advantage in the market, reflecting the depth of your know-how in processing and the creativity
of your product developments.

Production know-how can either be licensed with significant license fees and royalties or
developed in-house by your own R&D efforts with associated labor costs and investment in

The right choice depends on your basic strategic decisions and will be of significant importance
for your company and its competitiveness. What we have observed over the years is a continuous
trend towards independent R&D / Product Development all over the world. The increasing demand
for our SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators may be seen as proof of this trend.

Should you decide to improve and further develop your production know-how independently you
require universal knowledge about material development and its property influences. Product
properties are influenced by multiple parameters in each process zone of CA and CG Lines, such
that specifying the proper heating, soaking, cooling, overageing, dipping, wiping and galvannealing
conditions requires a reliable method of process parameter verification. Verification on production
or pilot lines is neither economical nor efficient. Verification by laboratory scale process simulation
however has been recognized to be the most economical, efficient and reliable method.

Beyond the state-of the-art lies the next generation of value added products and innovative
processes to make them. TheSURTEC RESEARCH HDP Simulator has evolved with need to
become the world standard for annealing and galvanizing simulation. More than
50 units at top
steel companies and universities are currently contributing to the future.

Main Characteristics of SURTEC RESEARCH Simulators

• Realistic Simulation of Annealing, Galvanizing and Galvannealing Processes in a Laboratory Scale

• Simulation Results transferrable to your CA and CGL Production Process / Production Lines

• Huge Variability of Parameters (i.e. Gas Atmospheres, Humidity, Heating & Cooling Rates,
Process Sequences, Spelter compositions & Temperatures)

• Easy Operation

• High Research Yield

• Very low Operation Cost

• Short Term ROI

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